Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

“Why is everyone running away from me.” As the two children passed each other, the one began to cry.

During the early days of Covid 19 and the implementation of physical distancing I was on my routine morning walk and found myself approaching a mother and her young child walking ahead of me. Walking towards us were parents and another young child. Respecting physical distancing the mother and young child ahead of me yielded the sidewalk to the approaching mother, father and child. As the two children passed each other, one child began to cry asking “why is everyone running away from me.” Your heart can’t help but break for these children who don’t understand the health crisis we’re seeing today. 

Closed Playground

At the beginning of our physical distancing requirement people didn’t seem sure how to behave towards one another. For years we’d greet each other with a friendly hello and share neighbourhood news. Seemingly overnight it all changed.

I’d see people run across the street as if to get away from a familiar neighbour. Some wouldn’t make eye contact and would turn away.  It brought back memories of an expression you may have encountered when parents would tell their child.

 “You can’t talk to your friend anymore.”

The result of parents disagreeing with other parents or children squabbling with their peers.

A lot of information gets sent out, sometimes misinformation. At the end of the day the important thing is we keep our distance in order to protect the health of the more vulnerable. 

Sunrise Senior Living, 9800 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

Those not convinced a change in their behaviour is warranted might draw from their inner compassion. Be empathetic towards your elderly family members, neighbours with compromised immune systems and the marginalized in our community. 

MacKenzie Health Richmond Hill Hospital, 10 Trench Street, Richmond Hill

This pandemic is overwhelming our hospital systems much like when a catastrophe takes place, i.e. earthquake, mass shooting or air plane crash. A sudden call for all hands-on deck is necessary and soon after it ends. But not this time.  For the time being health care providers will remain over extended every day. Placing their own health in peril. 

As time goes on, we will realize the ones that were there for us, were the ones to whom we never gave enough consideration.

Hospital workers

Police officers

Restaurant staff

Sanitation workers


Store workers


Truck drivers

Delivery workers


Personal care workers


Transit workers

Food banks

PPE providers

Thank You Front Line Workers For Your Selfless Acts Of Courage. 

Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket

Please don’t forget our food banks. is a national charitable organization working to help Canadians with food insecurity. Food Banks Canada supports a network of food banks working at the community level.

Week seven of physical distancing.

Medical authority orders to stay home brought a big change from the rat race many have become accustomed to running.

Without work, shopping, recreational activities and family visits many are searching for new routines to fill their need for social interaction. I’m seeing familiar neighbours I haven’t seen for a while and others I’m meeting for the first time come out for a walk and fresh air.  Conversations are taking place between neighbours. Respecting physical distancing guidelines makes for a less then private conversation, especially when speaking from across the street. The upside is we’re taking time to talk, listen and learn about our community. It harks back to a time before 24/7 shopping, smartphones and a never-ending selection of television viewing choices.

With help from each and every person,

the tireless effort put forth by hospital staff,

and researchers conducting tests for a vaccine,

one day, this will all be behind us.

2 thoughts on “Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

  1. Lol “why is everybody running away from me” hits me deep in the feels, because that’s what I’ve often wondered. And that was BEFORE the pandemic. Thanks for this post, Kevin!


    1. The line, “Why is everybody running away from me” came to me after I saw two young children crying because their moms wouldn’t let them approach each other. These were early times during Covid and I’m glad we’re past the worst of it.
      Yes sometimes it feels people are running away from me too, or is me doing the running away. 😆


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