Niagara Falls

Covid-19 has changed our world in a remarkable way. We are experiencing a pandemic not seen in our lifetime. Collectively, we will get through this.  We must care about and for each other within our communities. 

As for my family, we are not venturing far from our neighbourhood. Day trips are on pause for now. We limit our time away to replenish household essentials.

I’ve created this post using various pictures from smartphones and point and shoot cameras I used through past visits.  These photos were taken at, near and down river from Niagara Falls representing different seasons and different years.

We’ve been to Niagara Falls many times. Each time we visit it’s different. Spring, summer and winter, day and night. Visitors to the falls are always different. As I’ve walked and observed tourists like me, I couldn’t help but wonder from where they arrived. It never escaped me that Niagara Falls, depending on the source, is one of the natural wonders of the world attracting fascinated onlookers from many countries.

We stopped walking when we were halfway across the Rainbow bridge one summer and took this picture. The American Falls on the left and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in the background. The Maid of the Mist boat tours taking visitors to the base of the falls. We continued walking across the bridge to the U.S side visiting the Niagara Falls State Park taking in views of the Canadian side. The winter photo was taken at the crest of the Horseshoe Falls looking back at the Rainbow bridge.

After walking through the U.S Niagara Falls State Park I took another picture looking across the Horseshoe falls toward the tourist part of the Canadian side.

Drive down along the Niagara river on the Niagara Parkway to the Floral Clock. The clock is based on one found in Edinburgh, Scotland originally built in 1903.

One year we visited and found the door to the clock’s mechanical room open. Inside the room we saw these photos placed inside picture frames showing the floral clocks from years 1950 to the year we made this visit in 2016.

For the more technically minded there was this print showing details of the floral clock’s design.

A powerful lighting system provides an array of multi coloured combinations projected onto the falls.

Head to the Skylon Tower observation deck for magnificent views and dine in the revolving restaurant.

Experience a tranquil overhead view of the Niagara River in an Aero Car or get soaked on an exhilarating jet boat ride.

The Winter Festival of Lights takes place through the Christmas season.

-15 Celsius on this day. Add in the mist from the falls and wind chill = cold. It does make for a scenic winter wonderland.

View from the top of the Incline Railway.

Sunrise from our hotel room

We watched the sun rise,

shielding our eyes from its intense brilliance,

piercing into a new day.

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