About Me

“You are never to old to reinvent yourself.”

Steve Harvey

Hello and glad to meet you,

I’ve retired; disembarked the 24/7 productivity train.

With some of my new found time, I create this blog about my day trips. During my work life, I was always curious to see what was behind a locked door. What would I find at the top of the spiraling staircase? Where does a hallway lead? My pre retirement work gave me opportunity to explore places, I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access. Those many discoveries inspired this journey to common and sometimes, not so common destinations.

Let’s share a little about each others corner of the world. Where have you been?

Hello from the 3D Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’m in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, the starting point to all my day trip destinations. Richmond Hill is 25 Km north from Toronto’s CN Tower and Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. All my destinations are within an hour and sometimes a little more from my home.