Discover Your Neighbourhood

Day trip in an Hour is about

exploring what’s already in your backyard. People come from distant places to experience what we have and all to often take for granted. Galleries, museums, nature parks, wooded trails, county fairs, historic sites, and special events.

“Let’s get out and do something today”

Spur of the moment.

No big plans needed.

No overnight packing.

No strenuous activities.

Go on a day trip like this one, the abandoned Newmarket Ghost Canal. Or visit a condominium construction site and watch Tower Cranes at work for an unconventional day trip. You needn’t go far, your own backyard is great for a day of bird watching.

Imagine the possibilities of exploring your own neighbourhood. Bet you’ll be surprised at what you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Granddad, thank you for coming to my defense. I was not yet born; my dad was not born either. I have a picture of you wearing your military uniform. Though you appear stoic; I cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling. You are heading into World War 1. Leaving your family; would you… Continue reading Remembrance Day

Ferris Provincial Park

Ferris Provincial Park It really is the generosity of people that make the world a better place. Long before I ever hiked on this trail, other people were here leaving their mark. A land donation from the Ferris family, plus purchases from surrounding land owners created a legacy for future generations to enjoy. A walk… Continue reading Ferris Provincial Park

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

John Steinbeck

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