Spencer Gorge Conservation Area in Hamilton

Webster Falls.   Tews Falls.  Dundas Peak. 

A wonderful area to discover the natural beauty along the Niagara Escarpment. The three sites are close to one another. Along the way you will have many opportunities to show off the great photographer in you as you follow the trail to the designated viewing stations. 

We made our visit on a weekday when parking at both falls is available. In order to control car traffic and crowds on weekends the parking lots at Webster and Tews Falls are closed, a shuttle service takes you to each site from Christie Lake Conservation Park. The residential streets leading to the parking lots have narrow shoulders and don’t leave much room to pullover. Don’t attempt to park on the street. The fine and towing will cost $$$.

Both Falls are a short walk from their respective parking lots. 

Parking space is limited at Webster and Tews Falls. 

From the parking lots, signage leads you to well maintained forested trails. The trails are mostly flat, except for the part between Tews Falls and Dundas Peak. Some sections will be a steep climb for some people. 

There is no trail access between Webster Falls and Tews Falls.

Webster Falls is 30 metres wide x 22 metres high.  In 1930’s, the grounds were landscaped, a cobble stone bridge constructed across the creek and an iron fence installed to make viewing at the falls edge safer.

Tews Falls 41 metres high x 9 metres wide. Only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Two lookout platforms are available for Tews falls providing impressive photo opportunities. 

Dundas Peak at an elevation of 110 metres will place you high above the surrounding local sights, overlooking the municipality of Dundas, the railway lines and the forested Dundas valley. Be careful at this viewing area. There is no safety rail to save you from a 110-metre fall into rocks and trees.

We started our visit at mid morning when parking was plentifully and sightseers were sparse. By the time we left at 1:00 pm the parking lot was full with cars and others waiting for a space. I can’t imagine the amount of people attending on a summer weekend!

Great place for any time of year.
Exceptional fall colours, vast water flow over the falls in springtime and frozen displays in winter.

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