The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum in Oshawa, Ontario

The museum has tanks, lots of tanks. I believe there are some 90 or so various types of military vehicles.   Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, jeeps, armoured personal carriers and did I mention tanks. These are not static displays; they actually take them out as is soon evident by the mud all over some of them.

They have displays starting with early military history, going up to Canada’s participation in the Afghanistan war. They have many examples of period uniforms, medals, firearms and lots of reading material.

The armoured vehicle section of the museum might be better described as the tank restoration garage is operated by volunteers. They are great at answering any questions. They truly enjoy being part of this fantastic museum.

Military veterans, and rightly so never pay admission. The rest us of pay $10 plus another $5 for the Saturday live action shows every month from May to October, plus an additional charge if you want to go for a ride. 

Tank battle re-enactments are a must see. Take in the sound, smell and feel the roar of a tank weighing approximately 60 tons, 25 feet long, 10-foot-wide under your feet. 

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